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Good Day

I woke up this morning with an itch to just get stuff done. I did laundry, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the baby's room. This would have been a perfect day if it weren't for the baby being so upset all day. Is it just me or is she just always terribly unhappy? I'm going to call the pediatrician tomorrow and see if she can be seen for possible reflux. She eats then throws-up so much that she's cranky and possibly hungry again? I am worried about her. I play with her, sing to her, read to her, carry her around with me while I work, but she just cries a lot. She awful at napping, but she sleeps great at night. I have a whole new respect for my mom, its really hard to listen to your baby be upset when you've done EVERYTHING. She's so cute and loves to laugh I just wish I knew what I could do. Other than the baby, it was a good day.
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