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My baby girl rolled over for the first time today! I am so proud of her, she's just growing up too fast. She is still VERY cranky and I just can't figure out why. I feed her, I love her, I play with her, she's never happy more than 20 minutes and then she cries! It makes my life VERY stressful, but I know it has to get better sometime. I don't get to do anything productive during the day. I try to help her sleep when she's tired but she's terrible at taking naps! The minute I lay her down after she's asleep she wakes up. People say that I should just let her cry it out, but she's too young. I can't stand to listen to her cry it makes me cry. This is the only time of day when I can relax and then I feel guilty that I should be cleaning because I haven't all day. At first, I think my husband thought that I was just sitting around all day. I think he got jealous that I wasn't working anymore and he didn't like the fact that I wasn't doing very much housework while I was home. He would ask, "What did you do all day?" I would just give him a look of death. So, I asked him to look after the girl one Saturday while I went out and I said, "Why don't you see how much you get done." He thought he would show me up and show me that he could clean the house while taking care of the baby. When I got home, nothing was done and my husband was so happy to pass the baby off to me. I think he understands better. The only complaint that I have now is that he knows I've had a hard day, yet he just comes home and plays on the computer while I'm still taking care of the baby and trying to make dinner. His excuse is, "I've been at work all day and I'm tired". Will he ever get a clue? I guess I'm just a whiny housewife. He did get me a very nice card and some flowers for Mother's Day. He is wonderful with his daughter and he is very loving. Maybe I'm the one that's jealous. I did have a career and daily adult conversations before the baby. I don't want to put her in daycare though, I feel that I should take care of my baby not someone else. I love her so much, it is just so hard on me right now. I just pray things will get better soon. Right now I just need a nice cold caffeine free Pepsi and a good night's sleep!
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