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The Flu

I am so sick! This flu is really making me miserable! My throat is red & raw, my nose is sore and stuffy, my head is pounding, my ears ache, I'm exhausted (more on that later), and I still have a fever! The last time I was so sick was when I was 7 months pregnant during Thanksgiving. Blah! And just to pour salt in an open wound, my daughter decided to wake-up at 11:30 last night and not go back to sleep until 2:00 am. In an earlier entry, I was just writing about how wonderful it was that she sleeps through the night. I hope she doesn't do that again, I would die a slow death! I have not done a single thing today and I don't plan on doing anything while I'm sick. My husband said yesterday, "Our house is such a mess! We should clean it today." I said, "Feel free to clean it, I'm going back to bed." I got upset with him because he just never cares when I get sick. He treats me like an alien because he doesn't want to get sick. He won't even give me a hug. He won't even make a meal to give me a break! He still expects me to do everything while sick. He aggrivates me sometimes. It is really hard to take care of my baby, feed her, bathe her, stay up at night with her, when I'm sick. Yet, he just snored all through the night and slept in this morning. Grrrr... I think I need to have a talk with that boy. Sometimes I think he's stuck back in the 1800's just because I'm a stay at home mom! I'm going to start looking for a job I think.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and right now, as I sit here by myself and type, my family is gathering at a restaurant to party. I live 1500 miles away from my entire family (except my dad, he's only 350 miles away). I really miss seeing them often and seeing my nieces and nephews. I really have a great family, they are all very light-hearted and funny. My mom's parent's are great, especially my grandma, she always let me & my friend come to thier house during the summer. We painted and played with old toys and dressed in her old clothes and even had sleep-overs! I miss my sisters and my brother we always joke around and tease each other. They still love to tease me because I'm the youngest and I was always picked on. Ya know, we had it rough growing up, but you'd never know it now. I probably miss them more right now because I'm sick. I long to be comforted and taken care of when I'm so sick. My family was always there when I was sick, especially my mom. She'd let me stay in her bed and have control of the TV. She'd make me soup and rent me videos and keep me company. She was in the hospital a few times and would go see her everyday and bring her flowers and bring her her favorite snack food. My husband was raised in a different house. His mom has always been dealthly afraid of spreading germs. When my husband ever got sick he was quarrantined to his room and probably had to wear a mask whenever he left it. He had to spray down his bed with disinfectant and use alcohol on everything he touched. That's probably the reason he acts the way he does around me. I hate to say it but, I WANT MY MOMMY! Well, I've ranted for as long as possible. I'll stop my whining and try to get better. I just wish I wasn't so damn sick!
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