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Went to Garage Sales this morning, felt nice to leave the baby home with dad to get some time to myself. We came home and then went to the mall where it was packed! Now we're at home, my husband wants to clean the house, I don't. I say, clean it when company's coming, just make it livable the rest of the time. It may sound crazy, but I want to have another baby already. I've been thinking about it a lot. I guess I'll wait until December to get pregnant again. Gosh, I'm tired right now a nap sounds good. I think my husband is down stairs re-arranging the furniture. He works all week and then wants to spend the weekend doing this, that and everything! I wish he would slow down and take it easy more often. Oh well, he's a great guy, a wonderful husband and father, I shouldn't complain. Better go!
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